The Tamborines - Sally O'Gannon EP

I first heard The Tamborines a few years ago when I was visiting San Francisco and a pretty connected friend of mine played me a bunch of cool stuff by some then unsigned bands from the UK, including The Morning After Girls, The Lea Shores, and The Tamborines. He was also kind enough to make me a sweet CD mix, which I have been playing to this day. At the time I did not know that The Tamborines, though based in London, were actually from Brazil because damn if they don’t sound like the perfect marriage of the early Dandy Warhols and Ride. Fronted by former fanzine editor Henrique Laurindo on vocals and guitar and Lulu Grave on percussion, organ and synth, the band shines on this spectacular all-too-brief four-song debut EP on Planting Seeds Records. The title track and “Come Together” are amazing rave ups full of shimmering guitars and soaring melodies, while “Be Around” has a gentle Byrds-like vibe. The fourth track is a demo version of “Sally O’Gannon,” and while more raw sounding than the proper version, is still quite compelling. Apparently a debut album is in the can. Can’t wait to hear that because the two non-EP tracks on The Tamborines’ MySpace page are flat out amazing.

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