General Update

Not much really going on but I've been pretty lazy with the blog so here goes. As far as running goes, I'm still dealing with that leg injury. I did race on it last weekend and ran a decent enough 10K in Michigan (37:41). Pretty happy with the time considering how little I've been training lately. I was too sore to run for the 2 days before the race but somehow managed to run just a shade over 6:00 pace for 6+ miles. Probably shouldn't have done that but it was a combination of stupidity and wanting to test my toughness. I passed on both accounts. I've been taking it easy since then and taking more action to get better. Had a really hardcore sports massage on Wednesday from someone who works with the Cleveland Browns and have another one lined up for next week. The results after one session were pretty amazing and I've been doing some good exercises she gave me as well. Next Friday I have some minor surgery (not running related) so that's going to force me to take a week off of running so hopefully by the end of the month I will be fully rested and 100%. My current race goal has shifted to the national masters track and field championships at the end of July, which will be at Baldwin Wallace. I will definitely do the 5,000 meters and may also do the 10,000 or 1500 as both of those events are later in the weekend. My main goal is the 5,000 - anything else would be icing on the cake. I'm better at 10K than 1500 but part of me wants to do the latter anyway just to work on my speed. I have a tentative 10-week training block set to start in mid-May after Bella and I get back from our 10th anniversary vacation to Ireland.

As far as writing goes, I've been doing reviews for Skyscraper Magazine (see link on the menu bar) and in another project I've been brewing some beer with some friends. We have a Chocolate/Coffee flavored oatmeal stout fermenting as I speak. Bottling will commence on April 17!


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