Best race of the year

I've had a pretty consistent but nothing spectacular 2013 thus far. I've had some good races and workouts but the mental focus has definitely been much more on the book than running. That said, I've figured out a way to get the most out of pretty minimal mileage. Not out of laziness really but more because I just don't recover like I used to. The bottom line is I like to race as fast as I can and I don't really like racing much longer than 5K so my approach is to run workouts that make me faster at 5K like tempos of 3-4 miles, sessions like 16 x 400 w/ 100 jog and Aussie Quarters (8 x 400 with aggressive 200 floats in between for recovery). 2 weeks ago I ran a solid 5K in Lorain (18:09) but could definitely tell that I was a little overworked in the intensity department. I eased back and mainly did threshold work and today popped a 17:51, which age grades to 15:52 at the open level. Basically what I might have run on this course when I was in my last year or two of high school. In other words, I'm about as good for my age now as I was back then. Back then I ran twice as much mileage. My training approach is more or less the same -- I just tend to run every other day now because I can't recover as fast. The plan now is to run easy for awhile -- we have a NYC vacation coming up -- and aim to start working hard again after Labor Day in preparation for some hopefully faster fall races.


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