I've become that guy

Having working in the music industry in some capacity or other from my mid-Twenties until present (while Elephant Stone is currently on hiatus, I still review music for Skyscraper Magazine), I always swore that I would be hip to current trends and not get locked in a timewarp. Over the past few years, however, I've pretty much only been listening to bands that I liked in high school, college and a few years after college. Basically, 1980 to the mid-90's. While I've bought a few releases by new bands, some very good, like the brand new Bubblegum Lemonade CD, I'm mostly digging reissues of stuff I bought eons ago on vinyl. Stuff like Sisters of Mercy, Echo and the Bunnymen, the first two Cure albums, Jesus and Mary Chain, and, most recently, the 'deluxe' editions of the first three New Order and first three U2 albums. The current bands that I do like, such as Interpol, are very influenced by post-punk bands from the 80's, so in a way I feel like I'm never listening to anything 'new' even when it's a new band! I'm at peace with this.


Back on the roads

After taking a week off to heal the aches and pains and rest up after the end of a long racing season, I'm back to a winter base training phase. And yeah the weather has been pretty winter-like this week, low 30s (or colder) with lots of wind shooting off Lake Erie. Most of my runs are out and backs along Lake Ave. and Edgewater so I run into some strong winds and get sweet tailwinds on the way home. Today I did a moderate 5 mile progressive tempo on the one-mile loop at Lakewood Park and it felt good to work a bit. Made sure to be careful on the icy patches -- don't want to fall and dislocate my shouler again! The general winter plan is easy mileage with three key workouts each week: a long run (12 miles give or take), a fartlek session (i.e. 6 x 3 minutes on/2 minutes off or 4 x 5 minutes on/3 minutes off), and a moderate tempo. Nothing too streneous as the main goal for now is to build aerobic fitness and be in shape to tackle the faster workouts when it's closer to racing time.


Super Furry Animals - Demons

This song has been in my head all week. Reminds me a lot of a '70s Bowie tune.


Time for a break

I ended the season on Sunday with a pretty solid 10K at the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot. I ran 36:24 for second overall (top master), pretty much running by myself for most of the race. The guy ahead of me was in the mid 34's and the guy behind me was over 37 minutes, so I was in no man's land, which was kind of a weird feeling. My plan was to go out in 18:00 and come back in the mid 17's and I was on target in the first half as I ran my first three miles in 17:24, which is about 18 for 5K, hitting 5:48 exactly for each split. I felt really relaxed and thought for sure I could crank out some sub 5:40s in the second half, but then without warning my right calf (which was bugging me all week) tightened up and I started to wonder if I could even finish. I just focused on relaxing and pretending I was doing a tempo run and somehow managed to hold it all together and not slow down too much. Really happy with the way I gutted it out, even if that meant limping around all day Sunday and yesterday. I feel much better today so I know it's nothing serious. I'm taking it as a sign that I need some down time so I'm taking this week entirely off and will then run very easily the next week before getting back to a winter base training schedule. Being as there isn't a masters indoor track circuit in these parts, I probably won't be racing again until March.


Oklahoma State 6 x mile workout

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

This video is a little long (about 10 minutes), but if you want a really good inside look at a top NCAA cross country program, check out Oklahoma State's 6 x mile workout, which was done a few weeks about and recorded by the folks at Flotrack.org


Day Off

My right calf has been nagging me all week. I think I must have done something to it on my 12 mile trail run Sunday, so I'm going to take a day or two off to make sure I'm 100% for my race on Sunday. I hate taking days off, but I think in this case the rest will help. I can still run fine, but when I was doing some mile repeats yesterday, I could tell that I probably should play it safe, so I cut the workout short. The other thing is that I've been racing at least once a month since mid-February of this year so I'm going to go back to base training soon. If Sunday goes well, I'd like to jump in a Thanksgiving Day race and then take a little down time before building it up again.


Running Update

One week to go until my target fall race, the Tortoise and Hare Turkey Trot 10K in Ann Arbor. I backed down to 41 miles this week and I'm starting to feel some snap in my legs again that had been missing a bit since my 16:54 5K a month ago. On Wednesday, I had a really good session of 4 x mile in 5:41 with 2:00 minute 400 meter jogs going 5:44, 5:42, 5:42, 5:38. The effort felt pretty smooth and relaxed so hopefully I can hit a similar pace in the race. Today I did an easy 12 mile trail run. Other than that this week has been a lot of short easy runs. Next week I'll do a moderate race pace workout on Wednesday and then make sure I'm rested for Sunday's race.


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