New Beer Mile World Record

Pending certification, it appears that Univ. of Oregon freshman distance star A.J. Acosta has set a new world record in the infamous beer mile with a time of 5:38.9 at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. For those not in the know, a beer mile consists of racing an all out mile while chugging a can of beer at the start of each lap. 4 beers, 4 laps, lots of puking. By the way if you puke you get penalized! Acosta's beverage of choice was Budweiser. The 18 year old Acosta broke the previous mark of 5:40 set by 40 year old former New Zealand Olympian Sean Wade, who is now a U.S. citizen and one of the fastest old guy runners on the planet. A quick look at the results from Acosta's race reveals that all but two of the runners were underage! Hmmm. Props to Oregon runner Matt Dettman who opted for Bacardi Silver instead of beer!

Results can be found here:

More info on the Beer Mile can be found at:

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