Training Report: March 12 - 25

Another two weeks, another bunch of miles. Two weeks ago I ran 63 miles with three key workouts: a 16 miler, a 12 miler, and a session of 16 x 400 with brisk 200 meter jogs in less than one minute between each rep. Last week I cut back to 48 (partly because I worked 47 hours that week) and did two key quality workouts: 7 x 800 in 2:46 with 90 seconds rest between reps, and this past Saturday I did a 10 mile progression run in 66:35 with the first 5 miles in 35:00 and the last five miles in 31:35 (last two in 6:12, 6:01). Feeling really good. A bit sore for sure, but looking forward to my next races, a 5K on March 31 and a 10 miler on April 28.

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