Training Report: August 13-26

I've been a bit lazy with posts the last few weeks but here goes. The photo on the left is from the start of a track 5K race I did in Ann Arbor on August 17. Next to me on the right is my BMLC teammate Tom Sisson and sandwiched in between us is another BMLC teammate Stephen Magee. I hoped to run faster in this race, but it was crazy windy -- probably pushing 25mph at times and I ran a really even paced 18:01. Just couldn't get into a good 5K groove. Stephen ran 18:14 and Tom ran 18:17 so we had a very solid pack. After a low mileage week two weeks ago, I cranked out 62 miles this week, including a nice 15 miler on trails. I feel really great and I think in retrospect I let my mileage slip a little too much this summer. I'm definitely more of a strength guy so I'm better off doing more volume with a little less intensity. Next race will be a 5 miler on September 1. I'm not going to taper for it, but I still hope to run well. The focus this fall is on Masters XC Nationals in Cincinnati on December 8 with my half-marathon debut three weeks before that on November 18.

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