trying to be healthier

Not really a New Year's Resolution, but I've decided to try to improve my diet a bit. I haven't had any soda or red meat in over two weeks and I've reduced my coffee consumption to one cup a day, as well as having less beer and wine. I don't notice anything drastically different though I feel less moody (probably the caffeine and alcohol reduction). Also, when I weigh myself each day I tend to be 2-4 pounds lighter than I was in the fall, which I think is entirely due to not drinking 1-2 cokes each day at work (lots of empty calories in soda). I've been drinking a lot more water and Green Tea at work instead. Running has been going pretty well. It's suddenly in the 60s here though that won't last. Took advantage of that and got in a really good 10 miler today on a hilly metro park course. In the middle portion I ran a 6-5-4-3-2-1 breakdown with half-time jog rests. I really like this workout a lot. It's a staple of the Zap Fitness Team and a real strength builder. As the reps get shorter, you try to go faster while dealing with the shorter and shorter rest breaks. Fun stuff. :-)

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