Bay Days 5 mile - 27:51

I seem to be on a nice roll now. Three weeks ago I lowered my masters 5K PR from 17:18 down to 16:57.6 and yesterday I ran 27:51 for 5 miles at the Bay Days race. Last year in the same race in similar weather conditions, I ran 28:53, so I'll definitely take a 62 second improvement in one year at my age! I was the third master and 13th overall. Next up for me is the Johnnycake Classic 5 mile race in two weeks. This is a super competitive race and it's certified so hopefully I can PR again if it's not too hot. After that I think I'll take a month or so off of racing before hitting the Celebrate Westlake 5 Miler on Labor Day Weekend.

Jim  – (9:27 AM)  

Great job Ben. Hope to see you in Westlake - assuming I don't trash myself at Hood to Coast.

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