Running Update

I've been pretty lazy with this blog lately, but everything has been going really well with my running. Since the Northcoast 5 mile race on August 30th, I've had four solid weeks of really good training with some of my best workouts of the year, including some really good threshold sessions like repeat miles and 2-miles with minimal rest breaks. Last Sunday I was the second Master and 5th overall in the Cleveland Heroes Run with a time of 29:08, 39 seconds faster than my time in 2007. This is a super tough course, so while the time doesn't seem all that fast, I felt like it was a much better effort than my Northcoast race. Next up for me is a low key 5K road race on October 4 and then I'll be running in the Masters 5K Cross country National Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina on October 12. In anticipation of that, I dusted off my XC spikes and did some repeat 1000s this morning. It went pretty well and I will try to do another workout in spikes at some point before the race.

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