Running Update

Haven't done one of these in a while, but since running my 16:54 PR (and falling down in my cool down afterward and dislocating my shoulder!), I'm back at full strength again. I ended up missing 2 days of training with my shoulder and was on some heavy duty painkillers so I didn't feel my best going into the Masters National XC race in Greensboro on October 12. Nevertheless, I ran a pretty solid race and placed 36th in the 40-49 year old race. I didn't have my usual strong finish in the last mile, but ran as well as could for the day. It's always a good experience racing the best people in the country. This week has been great. My shoulder feels back to normal with only occasional soreness (no more painkillers) and I ran 58 miles this week with two really great hard workouts. Next week I'll be racinga 5K on October 26th and on November 9th a 10K in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The latter is a race that I have been keying on all fall.

My brother-in-law Andrew took some great photos from the Masters XC race and as soon as I get them, I'll post some up!

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