2009 Running Goals

2008 was my best year as a masters runner as I set old guy PRs at 5K (16:54) and 5 miles (27:51), lowering my prior bests from 2007, which were 17:22 and 28:53. I'm happy with almost all of the races I ran, the only bummer being the masters 5K national cross country race in Greensboro, which came a week after I disclocated my shoulder. While I ran ok, I didn't run the race I knew I could run, especially in the last half mile. Two and a half months later, my shoulder is still not quite 100% but it no longer effects my workouts.

For 2009, I want to definitely race in club nationals cross country again. This year it will be in Lexington, Kentucky, so hopefully there will be a strong NE Ohio crew there in the open and masters races. I would also like to get my 5K down to the mid-16's (16:29 would be nice!) and my 5 mile/8K down to the mid 27's. or better. I also really want to bust out a good 10K. Last year my two 10K races were in 90F+ heat in Columbus and sub 30F cold and wind in Ann Arbor. Not the best racing weather.

My training is going very well now. Very old school and simple. Each week I have been doing three key workouts: a longer run of 12-15 miles, a session of 4 x mile repeats with short rest breaks, and a 4-5 mile progressive tempo. Last week I ran my mile repeats and tempo about as well as I ever have, which makes me really look forward to see what I can do in the Spring.

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