Training Update

Ran 59 miles this past week, consisting of mostly easy distance running with two key workouts: hill reps on Wednesday and a 96 minute trail run on Saturday. Felt pretty good all week as the weather changed from mid-30s early on to mid-80s by the weekend. The big race focus for me is the Brian Diemer 5K in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 13 and I went ahead and just hired Pete Magill to coach me. I have been following Pete's off-the-clock 5K program that he outlined on his website for about 5-6 weeks now, but I decided to go the extra mile and get some individualized coaching as I really like the basic stuff that he outlined on his website. I have my workouts scheduled for the next month and I'm feeling ready to roll. No races in this period, other than a low key 5K on woodchip trails in Oberlin this coming Sunday that I'll be training through. My focus now is to work on increasing my weekly mileage and to get in some good quality workouts.

Brown Guy  – (12:04 AM)  

Ben, Kris here from GH '98. This is the first time I've looked at your blog. Your performances are amazing. If it weren't for the fact that I've seen your 2-mile record posted up in the GH gym, I'd have to demand to see your birth certificate to believe you're hitting these times at 44. Awesome. Anyhow, I was curious to know: do you get up to 59 miles in a week with two-a-days?

Ben Szporluk  – (10:15 AM)  

Hey Kris,

I run once a day though my coach is going to start having me run doubles once a week on a weekend day soon. My training is mostly very easy mileage with a longer run and two 'quality' workouts each week. If you have a chance, check out the 5K training article on Pete Magill's blog. Sounds like you're starting to get into shape. Good luck in that upcoming 5K.


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