Running Update

Training has been going well as I get ready to wrap up my season with a 5K on Thanksgiving and the Club Nationals Cross Country race in Lexington, KY on Dec. 12. I'm excited to be on a team for nationals (Second Sole Rocky River) as it was a lot of fun running for Team Good River in Cincy two years ago. I managed to get in 71 miles this week with mainly easy running, plus a session of hill repeats on Thursday and a really nice 14 miler in the metro park yesterday. In other news though, my coach Pete Magill is no longer doing online coaching after December, so I'll be back on my own after Club Nationals. I've definitely gained a lot from working with Pete and over the course of 6 months I've gotten to the point that 65-70 a week is "normal" for me, whereas last year it was more like 45-50. I'll take some down time after club nationals and then build a good winter base before racing again in March. Being that it's Ohio in the winter, I'll focus on easy mileage and some old school basics like hills and progression runs.

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