Back From The Dead

It's been about two months since I've published anything on here and who knows, it might be another two before I do again. Hopefully not. Since this blog is pretty much about rock 'n' roll and running, I can at least say that both of those things are going well. I'm keeping busy writing for Skyscraper and I'm slowly feeling like a runner again. Had a great time in Ireland on vacation (my wife's blog has some great photos and recaps). You can find her blog on my blog roll on the right (Arty Farty Blog). Now pretty much back to my old routine of running, writing and working for the man. I have a few races lined up in the near future so it will be fun to test my fitness. First up is the Flag Day 5K in Mentor on June 15. It's a 7pm evening race, so that will be fun. I've started following a summer program posted on LetsRun by esteemed Portuguese coach Antonio Cabral last week and while he doesn't reinvent the wheel, he has a pretty interesting approach to interval training that I like. The length of the reps are much shorter but the recoveries are very short. On the 5K-specific program you alternate 10 x 300 w/100 jogs at 3K race pace one week with 10 x 400 w/100 jogs at 5K the next week. The other key workout each week is a 20 minute tempo run. Other days are just as much aerobic running as you can fit in without compromising the key workouts. If interested, just search for Summer of Antonio on LR. I'm going to follow this through the masters track championships until the end of July and if the program works for me, I'll jump into Antonio's 10K/cross country program for fall (similar workouts but paces adjusted for longer races).

Outside of that, I think my wife and I have hit the wall as far as living  in Cleveland goes. Both of us are pretty restless and have always moved around a lot. We've been here longer than we thought we would to be honest. She can do art anywhere and I just need to reinvent myself and do something different. So far I've done everything from working in the music industry (journalist and record labels) to academic publishing to working in financial media to bartending, so I'll try to find something else to add to that list.

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