Double Tens

It's been awhile since I've posted a training update but nothing too eventful is going on. Just getting in some base mileage and enjoying the new heart rate monitor. Had a really good weekend of running, doing the same hilly out and back ten miler yesterday and today. Both runs were comfortably in the lower end of my 60-70 aerobic zone, averaging around 7:20 pace for each effort. Good sign that I can run a good steady Lydiard-like 'best aerobic' effort for longer runs keeping my average comfortably under 130bpm. I've noticed that I recover very fast on a diet of steady mileage -- haven't done anything fast since club nationals other than those hill repeats to figure out my heart rate max. My plan this winter is to keep up the longish runs with the occasional tempo or winter race as my 'speed work'. Speaking of, I signed up for a New Year's race in Stow, Ohio (not quite eve as it begins at 4pm), which will be a nice ending for 2011/beginning for 2012. Looking forward to a better 2012 as far as racing goes.

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