The Boo Radleys "Learning To Walk"

The title of this album is very misleading. Though Learning To Walk compiles the three Rough Trade  EPs Liverpool's Boo Radleys released before their 1992 Creation Records debut album, Everything's Alright Forever, the material here is hardly a baby steps collection -- in fact some of the tunes, such as "The Finest Kiss" (see video above), "Kaleidoscope," and "Everybird" even surpass the highlights from Everything as far as epic shoegaze rock 'n' roll goes. Other gems on Learning To Walk include stunning covers of New Order's "True Faith" (retitled "Boo Faith") and Love's "Alone Again Or." An awesome look at the early days of one of the UK's most underrated groups ever. In addition to Learning To Walk and Everything's Alright Forever, no Anglophile's record collection should be without Giant Steps (1993) and Wake Up! (1995).

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