Running Update

It's been awhile but I feel like I've been slowly getting back into a good training and racing groove. I ran 18:00 on the nose on July 6 in very hot and humid conditions, which is probably worth closer to 17:40 or slightly better in an ideal situation.My best time this year has been 17:58 in perfect conditions. My plan is to get in a couple of more 5ks this summer and then take a week off at the end of August when I'm on vacation in New York City, before ramping it up again for the fall. As far as training goes, through trial and error, 4 days a week (about 60 minutes per workout) works best for me. I tried to run a little more than that this Spring and that had me beat up. I'm also finding that doing work faster than 5K beats me up, too, so I'm sticking to tempo and 5K/10K  paced stuff for my harder runs.

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