Happy Halloween with Updates

If you've seen the film The World's End, you'll get my Gary King costume. If not, you'll just think I'm just some goth trying to relive his glory days. Anyway, Happy Halloween!

As far as updates go, Wivenhoe Park is out in paperback and kindle and the customer reviews thus far  have been amazing. I'm really blown away!

I haven't posted much about my running lately but my workouts have been going OK. I haven't raced since August and I've actually enjoyed the brief break from competition. I've been racing hard year round for close to ten years and it does take a toll on your body. I will most definitely do the Reindeer Run in early December -- that's one of my favorite local races. I also plan on staying in good shape over the winter as I want to do some fast races early in the Spring. The plan is that I'll be doing a book tour in late April-early May, so I may not get much of a chance to run then. 

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