Training Report: April 1 - April 22

Well, the last three weeks, since my 5K race on March 31, have been pretty up and down as I've been fighting off a nagging quad/hip flexor injury, which caused me to take five days off in the first two weeks of the month, and then this past week I got a bad cold and took two more days off. I feel like I'm more or less back on track now as I did a decent 12.5 mile run yesterday and right before I got my cold I did a pretty good 4 x mile session. My next race is a 10 miler on April 28. My expectations aren't as high as they were as my mileage the last three weeks has been pretty low. First week of the monthwas under 30, and the past two just under 40. Hopefully the solid mileage base I put in from January through March has kept me from losing too much race fitness. Anyway, my key race this spring is a 5 miler on May 26th so I have plenty of time to get ready for that.

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