The Libertines - Time For Heroes

Looking at Pete Doherty now, it’s hard to believe that he was once the poetic leader of the most exciting band in Britain before drugs, Kate Moss, and even more drugs destroyed him. Now with the release of a ‘proper’ Best-Of album on Rough Trade Records, Time For Heroes, it feels like a little piece of history has been cemented, and that saddens me. The Libertines exploded on the London scene in 2001 with the fantastic single “What A Waster,” and soon followed it up with the equally stunning Mick Jones-produced debut Up The Bracket. A long with the Jones studio connection, the band sounded quite a bit like The Clash, circa London Calling, as well as another legendary punk-era band with a chemically troubled frontman, The Only Ones. In addition to the striking vocal similarities between Doherty and Strummer/Jones, songs like “Tell The King,” “What Katie Did,” and “What Became Of The Likely Lads” have a similar down and out romantic vibe to Clash classics like “Lost In The Supermarket” or The Only Ones’ immortal “Another Girl, Another Planet.” Even if you already own Up The Bracket and the second and final self-titled album, Time For Heroes is still highly recommended for some non-LP bonuses, including “What A Waster” and it’s crushing B-Side “Mayday.”

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