The Hills Are Alive With Screaming Quads!

Ran my best race of the season today on what was perhaps the toughest road race course I have ever done, definitely the toughest since I started my masters career a few years ago. The Blossom Time Run in Chagrin Falls is a strange distance (5.25 miles), which is kind of cool, as it is a natural scenic loop course with some crazy climbs and tough quad blasting downhills. The official results haven't posted yet, but the clock read 30:03/30:04 as I crossed the line so I was just under 5:44 pace. My 5 mile PR set earlier this season at St. Malachi was 5:44 on the nose (28:40) so I ran a slightly faster pace today on a much tougher (and longer) course. This was a really completive race at the top end (1500 runners overall!). I ran a really smart even paced race and was constantly picked off people throughout, finishing 11th overall and I think 3rd master. No one passed me at all during the race though I was outkicked at the end by a youngster who I caught from my way back -- those kids! Hope this bodes well for the Columbus 10K in 2 weeks and the Diemer 5K in 3 weeks. Didn't taper much at all this week as I've ended up with 53 miles, which I think might actually be a season high for me. After my next few key races, I want to bump my mileage up to the 60-70 range over the summer while trying to maintain the current quality I'm at right now.

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