Training Update

This winter seems to be a bit worse than last year's but I've been pretty consistent thus far in my winter base phase, managing to do a long run and moderately paced mile repeats and tempos each week. Yesterday I ran 12 miles in sub zero (with windchill) temperatures. Froze my nads off, but felt like a badass afterwards. It's going to get back into the 40's on Wednesday though -- perfect timing for my scheduled interval workout. March feels like a long way off. I don't have any races planned until the St. Malachi 5 miler on 3/14. Part of me wishes I had planned a race somewhere warm and made a vacation out of it, but the only thing that tempts me are the USATF Winter XC Nationals in Baltimore on February 7th and the weather there certainly won't be great. The masters race is 8K though, which is my favorite distance and I could do a shout out to Omar and Stringer Bell while I'm there (If you haven't seen The Wire you won't know what I'm talking about).

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