Training Update

Ran 53 miles this past week. Easy recovery running for three days after my XC race until Thursday when I did hill reps. Those went better than ever. Felt some spring in my strides and fantasized I was a miler for maybe 5 minutes (I'm not!). Saturday was 96 minutes (probably about 13 or so) on the trails and Sunday was 8 miles easy. This week will be a step up in volume and intensity as I get ready to assault my masters 5K PR on June 13. Today I did 16 x 400 on the Rocky River HS track with 100 meter jogs and hit every single rep at 81. The effort felt pretty relaxed throughout the workout and I never felt like I was overextending myself. I tried to keep it at what felt like 5K effort. I was really happy that I was able to run this workout after a big weekend of mileage for me and a hard session on Thursday on top of that. The strength is definitely coming around. If you have the time/energy to try to step up your training I highly recommend Coach Magill!

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