Training Update

I'm feeling like I'm in the best shape I've been as a masters runner and am really looking forward to the Brian Diemer 5K on June 13. My mileage is up at around 60 miles a week and I've been running some really good quality workouts as well. Last week I did 16 x 400 all at 81 seconds with 100 meter jogs and this week I did a tough ladder consisting of mile-1200-mile-800-mile-400 with 400 jogs and hit 5:44, 4:07, 5:44, 2:41, 5:45, 76. I was especially happy with that workout as it was a typically windy day at the Rocky River track, which made it tougher to accelerate on the shorter reps. What I like about the new program I'm on is the variety. Each week I do something strength oriented, like the sessions I mentioned and I also do something a little more speed oriented like hill reps with long recoveries and last week I did some technique drills. The main thing though is keeping up the volume with lots of very easy running inbetween. It looks like the plan will be to do a 3K time trial about 2 weeks before the Diemer race. I really wish I could find an open track meet to run a 3K or 2 mile, but that should give me a good idea of where I'm at. A good rule of thumb is that what you can do in a 3K by yourself without tapering etc. is probably equal to the pace you'll race at for 5K when rested up. We'll see. After Diemer the focus will be races with really competitive masters fields like Johnnycake in mid-July and the Northcoast Challenge on Labor Day weekend (both 5 miles).

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