Running Update

Haven't done one of these updates in a while, but the training has been going pretty well and I did my first race in nearly two months on Saturday, June 13, running a 17:12 (5:32 pace) at the Brian Diemer 5K in Grand Rapids, MI. Last year I ran 16:58 in that race, so initially I was a little disappointed but then I realized that this was only my fourth road race of the year, while last year this was my 10th! I feel like I'm ready to get back under 17:00 again and hopefully a decent amount under, so we'll see. Hopefully this was a good rustbuster and will lead to better things. Next up is another 5K on June 27th in Cleveland. There is good prize money for the top 3 open runners so I'm certain it will be a fast field, which will help.

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