R.I.P. Milkshake

Our cat Milkshake passed away last evening just short of his 6th birthday. It was very sudden, a blood clot from a heart condition traveled to his back legs rendering them useless, and he went downhill very fast from there with other complications. Nothing could be done. We are completely devastated; everyone always thought he would grow into an old cranky ancient cat still slapping people. Thankfully he was surrounded by us and a few friends while he was made comfortable before being put to sleep. I was able to rush to the animal hospital from work and was able to say goodbye to him. He lived fast and died young like any cool celebrity. In fact, he sort of was one. He was my best pal and often acted more like a puppy than a cat. I'd play fetch with him all the time, and every night he would fall asleep on my chest. He liked to feel my heartbeat. I know he's in a happy place right now, but I miss him so much.

Shannon  – (4:42 PM)  

I miss him horribly already. That photo of him doing yoga with you is my all-time favorite...such a hambone.

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