Painted Hills

Fronted by ex-Beachwood Sparks guitarist, singer, and songwriter Josh Schwartz, Painted Hills combine the beautiful, canyon rock atmospheres of his former group with classic ‘70’s-inspired songcraft that brings to mind the likes of John Lennon and Emmitt Rhodes (a cover of the latter’s “Time Will Show The Wiser” can be found on the vinyl version of this release). The opener “Come on Down” flows like the best of Lennon’s solo work, with Schwartz’s lush melodies taking center stage. Another huge highlight, “Everybody,” soars with seductive “Cortez The Killer”-like guitar work (Neil Young would be proud!). Other tunes like “Morning Light” and the rocker “Kaleidoscope Eyes,” have bring to mind the Paisley Underground sounds of groups like The Rain Parade and Dream Syndicate, or contemporary fellow travelers, such as The Quarter After.

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