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It's been a while since I've updated this blog. No excuses other than having a lot going on at work and Bella's follow up surgery, which went well. The procedure allows her to bend her knee much more than she had been able to after the first surgery, and to reinforce this she is spending 6 hours a day on an Optiflex machine, which slowly bends the leg back and forth. Good thing she has a laptop to keep her company along with two hyper kittens. Next week she begins the first of her last 8 radiation treatments, which will hopefully be the end of everything. I've learned just to take life one day at a time lately, but both of us are excited to get out of here and go to North Carolina in December. I'm running in the club nationals cross country race in Charlotte on December 11 and we'll be hanging out in NC for a week after that with Bella's brother in Greensboro. The running is going pretty well. I'm amazed that I've managed to stay in similar shape to last year with all the crap that's been going on this year. Trying to keep really focused for that final month. Tomorrow I'll be doing a cross country race in Canton, which should be a lot of fun and on Thanksgiving Weekend I'm going to do a race that I've never run before, The Pigskin Classic. When you sign up for that race, you either get a Michigan or Ohio State t-shirt, depending on your affiliation. Having seen photos of past races, it's basically a sea of red even though Cleveland is more or less halfway between Ann Arbor and Columbus. That said, this year there will be at least one dude up front wearing the Maize and Blue. Take that Buckeyes!

Sun Runner  – (3:29 PM)  

I'm running the Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte on December 11! Who knew there was more than one race happening that day. Good luck!

Also...GO BLUE!

Ben Szporluk  – (9:24 PM)  

Thanks! Good luck in your race too! Busy weekend for running in Charlotte.

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