Tired, Tired, Tired

I think the last six months have started to really catch up with me because my last few races have been pretty off. The last few weeks have been especially rough as I have been taking Bella to very early morning radiation treatments at the Cleveland Clinic, trying to sneak in a workout when I get back, and then working a very busy financial media job from 2pm till 10/11pm. Not trying to make excuses because everyone goes through crap in life, but watching your wife get cancer and go through a hell of a lot to finally kick it is pretty draining to say the least. Not near as bad as what she was going through, but it's very hard to watch and not be able to make things better. Thankfully, the Cleveland Clinic has. I can't imagine any other medical team doing a better job than those guys have done. Anyway, I ran a pretty uninspiring 18:16 5K this morning though in all fairness the winds were really awful in downtown Cleveland and it certainly wasn't a PR day, but since running that 17:06 in early October, I haven't really been that on. I feel great early on in races and then seem to tank a bit in the second half. Club Nationals is in 2 weeks so hopefully I can rebound and run a solid race and then I need to re-evaluate my training. Do I do more? Less? Structure my workout sequence in a different manner? Who knows? I'll figure it out. The fun part about this sport is that what works for you and what doesn't work for you constantly changes.

On a side note, part of me wants to run another 5K race next Saturday as my final effort before Club Nationals XC. I'll decide in the next day or two. Feel free to offer any advice!

KevinL  – (2:19 PM)  

Nice run Ben! I don't think your 2nd half is so bad, you've passed me 2nd mile at both the Skeleton & Pigskin races.

The Reindeer course can be a fast course ... if the weather is nice and you want a confidence boost, go for it. If the weather is like today, skip it. At this point another 5k isn'g going to help or hurt you physically (I don't think).

Ben Szporluk  – (4:04 PM)  

Thanks Kevin. Yeah I'll skip the 5K next weekend and get in a good long run before Charlotte. What was up with the wind today? The whole second half of the race was relentless. My 2-mile split was pretty good, but man that last mile was an eternity.

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