Couple of good weeks in the bank

As I type this entry, I'm getting ready to head out the door for a 14-miler, which will give me 67.5 miles for the week. Last week I was at 66.5. The first month of my winter training block has gone really well thus far. Nothing fancy, mostly easy miles with a longer run on the weekend and weekly aerobic strength/tempo and  hill workouts (short sprints or long reps). This past week my key workouts were 4 x 5:00 on Monday and 6 x Rockcliff hill repeats on Thursday. Rockcliff is definitely tougher than Detroit Ave. (my usual choice) but I think I prefer this one more. Forces you to focus on form as it is impossible to sprint so to speak. Next weekend I'll be jumping in an indoor 5K race at Akron University. While I feel really strong from the past month of training it'll be interesting to see what kind of wheels I have. Should be a good rustbuster and it'll be great to wear shorts and a singlet again!

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