Winter Miles

It's a new year and time for me to get off my butt and update this blog a bit. I have been getting off my butt to run, but haven't done much of anything else so I need to make a resolution to update here once a week or more and try to add reviews to the community blogs I'm involved with, Nostalgia Equals Distortion and Finally Checking It Out. As for the running, after taking off the week following my Charlotte race, I'm on week 3 of my winter base training. First week back I hit 53 miles, last week I hit 62.5 with a few key workouts (5 x 3 minutes on Monday, hill sprints on Thursday and a 12 mile long run on Saturday). Similar workouts this week though I'm doing a little less on the filler days and will end up with about 55 miles. After that I plan to hit two weeks in the 65 range and bring it down again the week of my indoor 5K race.

I've read a few great books over the last week that I'll review in more detail soon. Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald is excellent. Really tells you what you need to know about staying lean, eating right and training right. Even if you don't need to lose weight so much, almost all of us can eat better. I fall in the latter category and have made a real effort to stop eating crap. I've been bring PBJ sandwiches and cliff bars for snacks at work in order to avoid eating the baked goods people at work are always bringing!

The other book I highly recommend is Healthy Intelligent Training by Keith Livingstone, which is a modern interpretation of Arthur Lydiard's training philosophies.

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