Kenyan Boot Camp

I've been slow on the update front lately but I don't have too much new to report other than I've been training hard and taking a hiatus from racing until Labor Day Weekend. I'm in a phase that I'm calling Kenyan boot camp. I'm running a hilly 9-mile course in the Rocky River Reservation three times a week (plus one or two easy runs), working different systems each time. Mondays I'm doing fartleks with surges ranging from one-minute to one mile; Thursdays are fast-finish progression runs (a Kenyan staple), starting at normal effort and building to the tempo zone and slightly beyond; Saturdays are standard easy runs, just going by feel. I'm also doing push up workouts three-days a week (Sunday, Tuesday, Friday). Tomorrow will mark the end of week 2 on the 8-week 100 Pushups Program. I've done this program in the past and it works. I can never get to 100 all at once but I have hit 70.

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