Bay Days 5 Mile Race Report

I thought that it was hot in the Ohio City race I did a few weeks ago, but, man, this was a scorcher. Even at 8:30am it was pushing 90 and humid. My 15 minute warm up had me drenched. Good thing I was well hydrated. The race went about as well as I expected considering the conditions. I cruised the first mile in 6:11 and the effort felt right so I didn't force it. Initially, I thought I might be able to run sub 6:00s, but while that would have been doable if it were 60 degrees, I seemed too quick for where I was at for this race. In any case I stayed locked in a good groove and clicked off miles just under or just over 6:10 pace. I remember being like 18:27 at 3 miles and feeling like I could bring it home faster but by mile four the heat was too much and I was glad to just hold pace. Like the Ohio City race, I kept on passing people the whole way and was never passed. That said, I'm not really where I want to be but that will come. I'm never fully satisfied anyway as I tend to be a perfectionist about a lot of things. My plan isn't to race again until another 5 miler on Labor Day weekend. I want to get some good workouts and start thinking about fall cross country, which means hills and tempos. I will be running in a Corporate Challenge 10K relay on August 4. Each team has 6 runners (3 men and 3 women) and we each run a mile (one of us, most likely me, has to do a 1.2 mile leg). That should be pretty fun!

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