Raw Power

This post isn't actually about the finest rock 'n' roll band ever from Detroit (and pretty much everywhere else), but I'm always looking for an excuse to mention the Stooges and the title of their landmark 3rd album from 1973, "Raw Power," reminded me today of what I need to improve on most in my running game. Today I did 3 x 800 in 2:51, 2:44 and 2:38 with 60 seconds rest between each as the final tuneup before my 10K race on Saturday. I felt really good, but I can tell that I need more strength at higher end speeds. I feel like I can run all day at 5:50-6:10 pace, which is perfect for the 10K, but if I'm going to run really well in cross country races in the fall I need to work on that extra ingredient, raw power! This summer I'm going to do a lot of hill repetitions and try to do as much trail running as possible to build up my leg strength. Anyway, that's today's running sermon and since I did mention the Stooges, in case you're living in a cave the group's first two albums, "The Stooges" and "Fun House" were reissued by Rhino Records at the end of last year in deluxe 2-CD editions with really informative boklets full of great photos and all that jazz. The bonus material, including lots of alternate takes of their stone classics is amazing.

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