Training Update

My next race will be on Saturday, May 27 in Chicago when my wife and I visit my teammate John and his family. John and I will be doing the Western Springs 10K. It's supposed to be a super fast course but the weather might be a bit muggy. We'll see. I'm hoping to run around 5:55 pace, which will be in the 36:40 range. Training has been going really well. Last Tuesday I did a solid 14 miler @7:00 pace on the marked bike paths in the Rocky River Metro Park, starting slow and running the second half progressively faster, working my way down to 12:25 for the last 2 miles. On Thursday I did 10 x 800 @ 2:55 with 60 seconds rest between each rep. This week I'm going to taper a bit for the race. Instead of my usual 12-16 mile long run on Monday, I'll do 10 and on Wednesday I'm going to do 3 fast 800s @ faster than 5K race pace to sharpen up.

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