Training Summary: November 20-26

San Francisco is only a couple of weeks away now so I've started to taper a little. Did 39 miles last week. I meant to do 45 but I ended up taking two days off and Thursday I only ran 3 miles because I was really sore from Wednesday's session, which was the key workout for last week. In that workout, I ran 8 x 800 with 200 meter jogs and averaged 2:51 per rep. The jogs were all in 6o seconds more or less. After the last rep I even did a brisk 200 meter jog to make the workout total 8K exactly. My total time with reps and rest breaks was 30:51. Not too shabby. The key was that I was able to start at 2:55 on the reps and get progressively faster, working my way down to 2:48 for the final one. My other workouts of note were a 14 miler at 7:24 pace on Monday and a 7.5 mile progression run in XC spikes on a grass loop on Saturday.

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