Training Report: February 12-18

Pretty brutal weather here as we got a bigtime blizzard in NE Ohio midweek. That said, Wednesday was the only day of running I missed this week (my first day off in 2007). I managed to log 52.5 miles on 6 runs, including a 14 miler, a 12 miler and an 11.5 miler, which included 3 x 1.5 miles @ 10K effort with 60 seconds between each rep. My first race will be a 5 miler on March 10 and I'll follow that up with a 5K on March 31. Both of these races are part of the Ohio Grand Prix Series, so hopefully I'll fare well in the masters category in both events. Training plan through March will be to try to hit about 55 a week and push the quality days a bit more and rest up a little more on the recovery days. Next week's big workout will be 8 x 800 with 45 seconds rest between reps. I'll probably have to do it on a marked road 800 as the track will be a slushy mess.

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