Gouchers make Liz Smith's column

American distance running couple, Kara and Adam Goucher, were mentioned in Liz Smith's NY Post gossip column. According to Smith:

SPORTS AFICIONADOS love Kara Goucher, a runner who is so charismatic, whose smile is so dazzling, that she is often compared to a movie star like Julia Roberts. Her husband is Adam Goucher, also a world-class runner. They are the "It" couple of that world.

They could - and maybe will - give the fading Beckhams a dash for the gold of media fame. They already have an online show "Keeping Up With the Gouchers."

Anonymous –   – (8:24 PM)  

Hey great to see the item on Kara and Adam in the Liz Smith column...actually they were in AGAIN yesterday, February 15th, check it out on MYWAY.com and maybe you can post it here! I am Hal Lifson, a huge fan of the Gouchers and running as a sport! I write for Liz Smith's column....Go Kara and Adam!!

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