One Minute Marathon Training

I do not know who Merv is, but I found this tidbit below by a poster named Oscar the Grouch on a website called Merv Running. While it addresses marathon training, the same principles apply to anyone training for 5K and up. I need to pay more attention to #3!

One Minute Marathon Training

Posted By: Jon
Date: 10/17/99

Originally posted Oscar the Grouch on 10/14/98.

1. Heal your injuries before embarking on your quest - use total rest if necessary.

2. Aim for 3 good workouts per week (long run, long tempo run at MP, speedwork session.) Fill in with rest or "just running" on the other days.

3. Cut back every 3rd week to about 66-75% volume intensity.

4. Race (10km to half marathon) every 3 weeks.

That should do it

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