Time for a break

I ended the season on Sunday with a pretty solid 10K at the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot. I ran 36:24 for second overall (top master), pretty much running by myself for most of the race. The guy ahead of me was in the mid 34's and the guy behind me was over 37 minutes, so I was in no man's land, which was kind of a weird feeling. My plan was to go out in 18:00 and come back in the mid 17's and I was on target in the first half as I ran my first three miles in 17:24, which is about 18 for 5K, hitting 5:48 exactly for each split. I felt really relaxed and thought for sure I could crank out some sub 5:40s in the second half, but then without warning my right calf (which was bugging me all week) tightened up and I started to wonder if I could even finish. I just focused on relaxing and pretending I was doing a tempo run and somehow managed to hold it all together and not slow down too much. Really happy with the way I gutted it out, even if that meant limping around all day Sunday and yesterday. I feel much better today so I know it's nothing serious. I'm taking it as a sign that I need some down time so I'm taking this week entirely off and will then run very easily the next week before getting back to a winter base training schedule. Being as there isn't a masters indoor track circuit in these parts, I probably won't be racing again until March.

Sarah  – (11:35 AM)  

Hi-- A runner friend pointed me to your blog. I hold dual citizenship in Ohio and Michigan; I grew up in Cleveland but I have lived in the Ann Arbor area for the past 10 years (and yes, this causes problems between me and my Ohio friends because I went to the University of Michigan for graduate school and as such have Bucked (ha ha) the prevailing trend among those from Cleveland and become a true Maize & Blue Wolverine). I too ran the Ann Arbor Turkey Trot in Dexter last month, taking third in my age group in the 5K. I confess I am totally curious as to why you would drive all the way up to little Dexter, Michigan, for a road race. Of course, I drove all the way to Aurora for a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot of my own, but I was spending the holiday at my parents' about 1/2 hour away. Anyway, this is kind of a long way to say, Hi, fellow runner/beer drinker!

Ben Szporluk  – (2:28 PM)  

Hey Sarah,

I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan and still have some close friends there so I do a few races every year in Michigan. I went to U-M (undergrad) so I'm a Wolverine fan as well. Go Blue!



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