Running Update

One week to go until my target fall race, the Tortoise and Hare Turkey Trot 10K in Ann Arbor. I backed down to 41 miles this week and I'm starting to feel some snap in my legs again that had been missing a bit since my 16:54 5K a month ago. On Wednesday, I had a really good session of 4 x mile in 5:41 with 2:00 minute 400 meter jogs going 5:44, 5:42, 5:42, 5:38. The effort felt pretty smooth and relaxed so hopefully I can hit a similar pace in the race. Today I did an easy 12 mile trail run. Other than that this week has been a lot of short easy runs. Next week I'll do a moderate race pace workout on Wednesday and then make sure I'm rested for Sunday's race.

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