Peter Doherty: Grace/Wastelands

While I love The Libertines, I wasn’t expecting too much from Pete Doherty’s solo debut, thinking that at best, it probably wouldn’t be much better than his subpar current band Babyshambles. Boy was I wrong. The best songs on Grace/Wastelands, such as the orchestrated “A Little Death Around The Eyes,” the infectious “Last of the English Roses” and the aching “Broken Love Song,” prove that Doherty is far from done. While the overall vibe on Grace/Wastelands is a little loose at times, it’s far from being a sloppy record. The musicianship here, including contributions from Graham Coxon on most tracks, is first rate. If a cross between Tindersticks-like orchestrated pop and mellow London Calling Clash tunes like “Jimmy Jazz” strikes your fancy, Grace/Wastelands is a keeper.

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