Weekly Training Update

Another good week. Hit 63 for the week with no real issues other than the usual aches and pains that go with volume increases. I've made it a point to do post-workout leg exercises and my cat seems to like them too, though he's more of a sprinter type. A few dashes down the hall and Milkshake is ready for a nap. Anyway, my training week consisted of really easy mileage though I did some technique drills again on Wednesday and today's long run consisted of 6 hard hill surges (2 x sprints, 2 x bounds, 2 x high knees) and 6 hard downhills (i.e. race effort). Definite Lydiard flavor to that workout. Next week should bring me to around 65 miles give or take, with the key workouts being hill reps on Wednesday and a 2 x 20 minutes tempo session on Saturday.

Sun Runner  – (9:25 AM)  

Cat "help" after a workout...isn't it great? Unless, of course, it completely interferes with what you're trying to do (in this case, leg raises).

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