Getting in the miles

Had my highest training week thus far as a masters runner, hitting 66 miles. No real issues either. Mainly just easy distance with two quality workouts. Wednesday I did hill repeats and Saturday I had a really good tempo workout of 2 x 20 minutes with a 5:00 easy jog recovery. I also ran doubles on two days last week and I've been feeling really good doing that lately. I'm definitely noticing some changes as I bump up my volume. On days that I feel good, everything feels really smooth and I feel like I have tons of gear changes. The hill repeats felt easier than ever. One down side I guess on higher mileage is that on some days you just feel lackluster (luckily usually on recovery days) so you need to just keep the pace real easy or else you'll pay for it on the days that count (hard workouts and races). The plan is to hit about 70 a week for the next two week and then I have a 'down' week scheduled, before bumping back up again.

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