Launch Delayed

So I hit my mileage max for the pair of Brooks Launch I was raving about so much, only to find out from my friends at Second Sole that they will be out of stock until July. Looks like there will be a new color/model upgrade from what I could gather on a  few Google searches. Well, I can't wait until July to get a new pair of trainers, so I went to the store and  my friend Rick  had me try on a bunch of shoes he thought I would like and I ended up with the latest lightweight trainer from Nike, the Lunarfly. At 9 ounces it's nice and light with soft cushioning. Really good for long runs and the easy recovery runs. A little squishy for fast stuff, but I always wear racing flats for intervals and tempos. I like the limited edition Lance Armstrong Livestrong color scheme, though the normal black and red ones look really cool too. I give them the thumbs up so far -- they felt great on my 11 miler today.

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