Healing Trail Run

Since coming back from my injury hiatus, my runs have been gradually getting better but I've still been pretty damn sore from day to day. Decided to run on the trails in Mastick Woods today and what do you know? A perfect run. I get lazy about driving to Mastick since it takes me about 25 minutes to get there but every time I run there I'm glad. I need to commit to running there a few times every week, especially for my longer runs. Today I did 74 minutes - I'll call it 9.5 miles. My tentative plan for my key workouts next week is a longer run at Mastick on Monday, some sort of threshold workout on Thursday on the track (surface is much easier on the legs than the 'crete) and a another trail run on Saturday. Filler runs as necessary depending on how I feel. Right now my plan is not to race again until the Ohio City 5K in mid-June. It's a 7pm race that starts and finishes outside of the Great Lakes Brewery Brew Pub. Can't beat that!

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