Rolling With It

A few good runs this week so far, including 8 miles on Monday, 5 on Tuesday, and 8 more today. Monday's run was in perfect 50 degree weather, today was 80 and very humid. This is where the heart rate monitor comes in handy. Both runs were done in the aerobic 60-70% HR zone but today's run was about 20 seconds per mile slower, even though I felt better today. Heat and humidity make a huge difference on your heart rate! The Achilles is a little tender but getting better with each run. I had another ART treatment yesterday and Dr. Keyes thinks I only need 1-2 more. ART hurts a lot but you can't argue with the results. Not sure when I'll try a hard workout but I think I should be good for a short tempo in a week - 10 days. I won't fight it. I'll know when it feels right.

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