Track 10K

Yesterday, in honor of the Olympic Trials 10,000 meter final, which was held in Eugene, Oregon last night (the top three going to London are LR: Galen Rupp, Dathan Ritzenhein, and Matt Tegenkamp), I decided to do a track workout that totals 10K on the nose. An old classic: 20 x 400 w/100 meter jog recoveries. I tried to keep the 400s at 10K race effort or just a notch slower as it was in the low 80s and I didn't want to bonk in the heat. The workout went smoothly as I gradually ran faster and faster over the course of the workout. My overall average was right around 6:00 pace for the reps and my recovery jogs were all in the 35-40 second range, so hardly any recovery at all, which is the point of this workout. If you're ever looking for a good 8K or 10K race simulation workout, try this! Next up for me is the Bay Days 5 miler on July 4 and as it's an 8:00am start (I think), I'm hoping the temps will be at worst low 70s (maybe wishful thinking?). This week has been good. I feel recovered from last weekend's 5K race and should be in good shape for July 4. Easy mileage and a lighter threshold workout on Thursday is the plan for this week.

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