Beer of the Week: Speedway Stout

I've slacked a little on this feature where I ask friends to nominate a favorite beer -- preferably a little off the beaten track -- so I'll step in and recommend something that will knock you off your ass. I've only had Speedway Stout once, at a party hosted by my friend Tim Harnett at his infamous London Underground-themed basement bar. I was talking to a guy there and mentioned that I liked stouts such as Guinness. He poured me a glass and pretty much told me to be prepared to be amazed. If you've ever had Coke syrup, this was like Guinness syrup. Definitely something to sip and enjoy like a nice cup of coffee, which by the way is an ingredient, along with chocolate! "Pounds and pounds of coffee added during conditioning for a little extra kick!" proclaims the website. Couldn't agree more! 12% alcohol -- not for the meek. Writing this made me realize that I need to search out a speciality store to buy one of their champagne-sized bottles or two immediately!

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